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CBM is a flourishing small business started by a young Latina entrepreneur Mildred Meza who is based in Atlanta. From adorable amigurumi plushies that are perfect for cuddling to beautiful arrangements of flower bouquets that brighten up any space, their items are expressions of heartwarming artistry. CBM was in need of a primary logo that encapsulates the essence of their brand. This logo would effectively communicate the warmth, creativity, and diversity that define their business. The logo will be a cornerstone of their visual identity and will be used across various platforms, including their website, social media, packaging, and promotional materials.

crochet by millie-13.png

Mood Board

The first step in my design process was analyzing my client's pinterest board. The script typeface stood out to them as well as the incorporation of crochet related symbols. I continued to research images related to their pinterest and grabbed some from the client's own products from their instagram. This mood board was the main direction for the logo and sub logo. 

CBM trans purp2-19.png

Sub-mark Logo

This logo naturally came out of the main logo but with additional edits from the client. 

CBM mockup.png

Mock Ups

The client did not request mockups in the contract but I included them in order to better illustrate how the logos could be used.

This contract is still open and as more assets will be created, they will be added to this page soon.

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